Lodging in the Cape Lookout NC Area

There are only two options for those looking to have an overnight trip at Cape Lookout.

“The Cape” is a very popular place for camping in Eastern North Carolina. All along the seashore, there are many ideal spots to set up camp and spend the night listening to the gentle rushing of the waves and gazing up at the crystal clear stars in the sky. There is something magical and surreal about being at the Cape at night. There are no buildings or lights to be seen and there are no honking horns to be heard from traffic. There is only serene calm and the beauty of undisturbed nature to surround you. Nighttime at the Cape can transport you back into a distant, simpler time in history.

Another fun and unique place to stay is at Great Island Camp, formerly known as Alger Willis Fish Camp. This location is a favorite for the locals and a great opportunity for families to enjoy their visit at Cape Lookout National Seashore. Located roughly sixteen miles from Cape Lookout Lighthouse and nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Core Sound, Great Island Camp features twenty-six cabins that range from four sleepers to eight sleepers. Each cabin is equipped with a bathroom and shower, bunk beds, and a kitchen which provides campers with a stove and a sink. While there is running hot water, there are no refrigerators and there is no electricity. There are places to connect a generator should people desire to bring one.

Great Island Camp is easily accessed by ferry service that leaves from Davis Shore. There is a parking lot on sight for any vehicles. Great Island Camp is a beautiful way to enjoy Cape Lookout. It blesses campers with an exceptional view of the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and of the calming waters of Core Sound. The cabins book up pretty quickly, so if you are interested in staying be sure reserve one as soon as you can. Rates vary.