Natural Attractions in the Cape Lookout NC Area

The beauty of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, in addition to the breathtaking beauty itself, is that the barrier islands and the surrounding waters are preserved and unspoiled.  Traveling from island to island is only possible by boat.  Motorized vehicles are only permitted on the islands at certain times and with regulations, therefore most ferries to and from are pedestrian-only.  This guarantees a world unsullied with roads and pavement, and instead provides the opportunity for nature lovers to revel in a truly natural environment.
Visitors to the area are cautioned to bring with them anything they may personally need while experiencing these islands, for there is no way to acquire supplies when they arrive.  For those who wish to experience self-propelled adventure, the scenic waters and lonely marshes are a perfect chance for experienced canoeists and kayakers to spend hours in natural wonder.  The wildlife on these barrier islands is unparalleled.  
There are few places in the world where one can photographically capture the playful joy of the Atlantic dolphin within moments of witnessing a new-born foal trying out his spindly legs, while hearing the gulls cry overhead, and feeling the ever-changing Atlantic breezes gently ruffle one's hair.  This is such a place.